Zero in on Z Codes graphic AAPA Category 1 PI-CME
Active Dates: 9/1/22-12/31/24

The goal of health care delivery is to help patients. Sometimes, social drivers can interact with a patient's health, quality of life, and/or health outcomes

These are collectively referred to as: Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

While we know that SDOH affect all aspects of life, we do NOT know if they are tied with specific chronic disease states, we need to collect data to tie health outcomes to SDOH. And we need YOU to help with this

Z codes were developed in 2018 but less than 2 percent of all charts are coded with Z codes.

PAs, as a group, have a chance to change this while collecting 20 CME 1 credits at the same time!
(Note: NCCPA will DOUBLE this to 40 CME 1)

Zero in on Z codes asks you to develop a mechanism to code Z codes in your practice

Try it for 30 days, then fill out the post-evaluation form and let us know if it worked

We are so desperate to get this info out there that we are offering this project at our cost


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Zero in on Z Codes artwork was designed by Isadora Davis.