Nephrology PAs are found in all aspects of Nephrology practices: from dialysis rounds to hospital coverage to office patients. They are responsible for research studies, education of staff, new practitioners and patients through the Medicare Authorized 'Kidney Disease Education' classes. They manage inter-disciplinary teams at the dialysis units. AANPA, consisting of fellow and student members, is the AAPA authorized specialty constituent group with ties to all major national Nephrology groups.

AANPA won the AAPA 2015 award for the best outreach by a constituent organization! Shown are Donna Anderson accepting the plaque and Kim Zuber discussing the award.


Send snail mail to: AANPA, 8463 Alister Dr, Melbourne, FL 32940

Nephrology is the study of the kidneys, their anatomy, physiology and pathology. The renal system includes the kidneys and bladder and the ureters connecting them.
Nephrology PAs provide important services for employers and patients. Read the AAPA's brief on SPECIALTY PRACTICE: PAs in Nephrology