Nephrology Nuggets

(Active Dates 1/1/20-12/31/21)


An upcoming CME Project for the non-Nephrology PA (5 units of AAPA SA-CME requested)

Are you overwhelmed by acid-base disorders?

Do you run screaming into the void when someone starts talking about the Loop of Henle?

Did you sleep through the nephrology lectures in PA school?

Or were the lectures so long ago, you don’t even remember the topic?

If so, we have just the PERFECT CME project for you...

Your fellow nephrology PAs have put together a collection of fun, true life stories of nephrology patients

And to make them as close to the NCCPA practice tests as possible, we have packaged them into 10 25-question modules.

All this for only $7/module

We are a non-profit PLUS we love this stuff and want you to love it too... (alright, maybe a bit too much to ask)

Order your modules today...

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