Kidneys in a Box 

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Did you realize that CKD is as common as Diabetes? Often in the same patient?

59% of Americans will be diagnosed with CKD in their lifetimes and we are
missing 90% of those diagnoses!

If you are 70y/o, you have a 70% chance of us (yes, us) causing Acute Kidney
Injury (AKI) while you are hospitalized...80% if you are 80y/o

The cost of the dialysis population is larger than the entire budget
of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

'Kidneys in a Box' is for any PA who sees diabetic patients
and wants to save them from a lifetime of dialysis.
Are you treating your diabetics with the most up to date, cutting edge choices?

Help us to help you to slow the surge of Kidney Disease!
We have experts who have your back...

Kidneys in a Box is an AAPA-certified PI-CME that you can do in a few easy steps:
 (1) Order via the PayPal button above
 (2) Review 10 random charts answering the simple questions
 (3) Figure out where you are weak and change that behavior using tools we give you
 (4) Review 10 random charts 90 days later to see if you made a difference...
      If you did, GREAT...If you didn't, at least you tried.
 (5) You get 20 (now 40!) units of PI-CME no matter the outcome!
      All for the low, low cost of $25 (we are a non-profit)

"I love the fact that Kidneys in a Box takes the stress out of the
new PI-CME requirements." 
LD Barker, PAC

Active Dates: 1/1/14-12/31/19


Kidneys in a Box artwork was designed by Anneliese Juergensen. To see more of her art visit